Simple Variation Price

Is displaying multiple prices on every variable product confusing for your customers?
This plugin cleans up and simplifies how prices are displayed on variable products.

By default, WooCommerce shows 2 prices on the product page, or a range of prices (such as $19-$29), or even up to 6 prices are shown on the product if there is a sale. All of that clutters up the page and makes it really hard to tell what the actual price of the product is, and what’s really on sale.


What this plugin does:
– Products on the shop page will only show a single price, of the default variation of that product. No range of prices. Sale price is shown as normal, with regular crossed out.
– On the products page, the selected variations price is shown at the top, in place of the needless product price, and it changes as a variation is selected.


So if all your variations differ in price, and some or all are on sale, this plugin will show the clear correct price that your customers need to see.

Live Demo Site

This website is a live demo, head over the Shop page to test how it looks. You can also login to fully see how the plugin works.


Simple Variation Price is available for purchase from Mojo Marketplace.